8 Immersive Art Installations Will Blow Your Mind

Modern art installations have an exclusive and incredible abilities within the world of art. Unlike you’re average painting, they have the power to completely immerse you in something that would otherwise have no use in your normal day life. They are revolutionizing the definition of art by adding another dimension of experience. Simply put, they are epic and here are 8 of the best!

1. The Rain Room


The rain room is a water-based art installation created by rAndom International in 2012. During its closing week at New York’s MoMA, people waited in a line for 13 hours to experience it.  It is a 100 square meter field that is dropping and recycling hundreds of gallons of water per minute. But here is the crazy part, you can walk through it without getting completely soaked. The Rain Room has multiple 3d-cameras and motion sensors, which track people’s movements and instantaneously stop the rain from falling. It is known to be a very unusual experience, giving you the power to control the rain.

Dancers from Wayne McGregor & Random Dancers put together and performed a beautiful dance piece in the room. You can check out that video below.

2. Magic Box

Atelier Brückner - Magic Box

The magic box is an architectural and visual masterpiece created by the Atelier Brückner agency. It is a 20 x 20 meter cube made up of 72 LED screens. The screens work together to present a visual journey that makes you part of it’s beauty and wonder. The experience can fit 250 people people in it at once as it takes them through a 4 minute ride through an artists mind. The exhibition was featured in Shanghai, China in 2010 and ran for six months. Check out a video of it in action below.



A homeomorphism is “an equivalence relation and one-to-one correspondence between points in two geometric figures or topological spaces that is continuous in both directions.” This concept has been made into an epic experience based out of New Mexico. This project consists of stunning visuals projected inside a dome, accompanied with a futuristic soundtrack. It was created by a Turkish artist named Bahadır Dagdelen, he has many more projects that are worth checking out. Check out of the video of ‘H OM E OMOR PH ISM’ below:

4) Submergence


Submergence is display of light that literally submerges you in something unique to itself. The installation uses 8,064 suspended lights all connected to a grid that controls their color and intensity. The coolest part is that you can walk into it and become apart of it’s bizarre image. It was made by a design company called Squidsoup and has been traveling all across Europe for the past year and a half.



3Destruct is a haunting piece of art that looks like it belongs in the laboratory of an alien. It is another audio visual creation made by Yannick Jacquet, Jeremie Peeters and Thomas Vaquié. It is so interesting and epic that it is much too difficult to explain what it is doing. You just need to watch the video.

6. The Transfinite

The Transfinite, Ryoji Ikeda1

The Transfinite was a wildly successful exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. It is a 54 x 40 ft. wall that projects tiny pixels of binary code to produce a larger piece of visual data. Visitors can walk onto the installation and enjoy it from any point of view. The creator is a Japanese sound and visual artist named Ryoji Ikeda. He has created a hand full of other interesting projects centered around data.

7. Beyond Infinity


This has to be one of the most mind-bending pieces of art that I have ever seen. Using mirrors, light and fractals, ‘Beyond Infinity’  constructs a new dimension that challenges people’s perception of space and time. The installation was featured in 2011 at the Westgate Mall in Shanghai, China for the duration of 2 days. The creator is a french theorist and artist named Serge Salat.

8. The Infinity Mirror Room


The Infinity Mirror Room is simply a small room filled with mirrors and lights.  In New York, it caused an 8 hour wait time for participants to experience it for a mere 45 seconds. It is supposed to be an experience and phenomena that a photo can’t begin to convey. One visitor said, ““It felt like eternity, very surreal, seeing how small you are but how beautifully everything works together.” It was created by an 80 year old Japanese woman named Yayoi Kusama, who has an impressive line of work.

Here’s a brief look at what it’s like to be inside:

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