Hanging Garments of Babylong Exhibition in LES

Monochrome mischief fuels a fashion frenzy this Summer Friday. Saturday and Sunday, August 21st to the 22nd, the Lower East Side hosts Long Tran‘s launch of his F/W 2015 line. With a sensational start in 2011, the FIT grad continues taking tailoring and upscale fashion to a futuristic frontier through texture and 3D concepts. Keep reading to get a glimpse of the 2-day Hanging Garments of Babylong Exhibition….

Showcase on “Hanging Garments of Babylong” Exhibition
The Designer and his team

Embossed elements on this season’s silhouettes stress the brand’s promises to provide “one-of-a-kind pieces to separate you from the stratosphere” and “hand-selected ready-to-wear in limited quantities, ensuring your look remains unique” [source]. Minimalist colors offset the detailed design effects of Tran’s sculpturesque style. Molded shoulders and fitted sides signify a structured, but slimming, fit. Of the unique qualities of Long Tran, its focus on eco-friendly materials (including trim and packaging), while balancing fashion-forwardness and functionality, make for an envelope-pushing, yet earth-friendly brand.

Long Tran Vamfim men shoes
Long Tran Clothing rack
Long Tran Vamfim women shoes
Long Tran’s silhouette

Photo by Alan King and written by Stylecurated

Josh Gleyfano

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