Hins Cheung – Pink Dahlia / 张敬轩

Hins Cheung – Pink Dahlia / 张敬轩 
Release: Hins_Cheung-Pink_Dahlia-CPOP-2013-TosK
Label: Universal Music (HK)
Release Date: 2013-02-25
Language: Cantonese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Hins Cheung reinterprets pop hits by ten divas in his latest album Pink Dahlia! His cover selection includes Anita Mui’s “Intimate Lover,” Kelly Chen’s “Wind Flower Snow,” Miriam Yeung’s “Young Girl’s Prayer,” Priscilla Chan’s “Night Flight” and other karaoke classics from Sammi Cheng, Cass Phang, Shirley Kwan, Deanie Ip, Joey Yung and Sandy Lam.

01. 完全因你
02. 夜機
03. 風花雪
04. 假的戀愛
05. 值得
06. 親密愛人
07. 未知
08. 滴汗
09. 少女的祈禱
10. 不捨也為愛

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