HOK Will Soon Build Western Europe’s Tallest Residential Building in London

New York–based architecture firm HOK has received approval to construct Hertsmere House, a 789-foot building that, when complete, will be Western Europe’s tallest residential tower. Located in London’s West India Quay neighborhood, the 67-story structure will be situated next to Canary Wharf, one of the city’s two major business districts. According to Setareh Neshati, planning manager at Greenland Group, the project’s developer, the location of the high-rise will be crucial in attracting tenants: “Residents will significantly benefit from both the proximity to Canary Wharf, where more than 100,000 people are currently working, and the building’s connections to nearby public transportation stations.”Hertsmere House Web 03

Though Hertsmere House will be built in the busy end of East London, it will distinguish itself from the nearby skyscrapers. The two slim towers arc outward at the top, in opposite directions, a pattern that was inspired by flower petals. “The design for Hertsmere House will present a striking silhouette from every vantage point nearby,” says Neshati, “while those in the western end of West India Quay will have the most spectacular views.”



Hertsmere House will feature 921 units—150 of which will be designated as affordable housing. What’s more, the building includes shops, cafés, and numerous communal amenities for its residents, including indoor gardens, landscaped roof terraces, and children’s play areas. “It was our aim is to create a better life for our residents, whether this was through the delivery of affordable homes, or in creating an improved and communal environment,” Neshati states.hok-build-western-europes-tallest-residential-building-london-03

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