Hu Xia – Silly Tango / 胡夏 – 傻瓜探戈

Hu Xia – Silly Tango / 胡夏 – 傻瓜探戈
Label: Sony Music Entertainment (TW)
Release Date: 2013-06-24
Language: Madarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan

In the past, Hu Xia sang about other people’s love stories. In his third album Silly Tango, he shares stories about his own life and love with the help of name composers and songwriters like Sandee Chen, Chen Hsiao Hsia, Lin Xi, Xue Zhong Ming and Daryl Yao. Known more for gentle, traditional love songs, Hu Xia adds a dip and spin to his title plug Silly Tango, which offers an alluring blend of ballad and tango. Other songs on the album include “Learn to Walk” and “Change,” from the soundtrack of the idol drama True Love 365, and “Love is One Meter Away,” the opening theme for the Taiwan broadcast of Full House Take 2.

01. 靜電 / Static Electricity
02. 改變 – 偶像劇 求愛365 片尾曲 – / Change It Over
03. 傻瓜探戈 / Silly Tango
04. 我們會不會 / Could We Make It
05. 微笑的人 / My Smiles Belong To You
06. 學著走 – 偶像劇 求愛365 – 插曲 – / Step Forward
07. 離家以後 / Away From Home
08. 愛情離我一公尺 -韓劇 浪漫滿屋2 片頭曲- / Love, One Meter Away
09. 黑框眼鏡 / Black Frame Glasses
10. 一定有個妳 / Always You

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