Joey Yung Album – Little Day

Joey Yung Album – Little Day
Label: EEG Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)
Release Date: 2013-08-15
Language: Cantonese

Joey Yung shares the joy of the little days and things in life with her new Cantonese album. The Hong Kong diva’s latest album features 13 tracks including the sexy dance hit “See in a New Light” penned by Wyman Wong and the new plugs “Skylight,” “Seven Wonders” and “Little Day.” Two of her recent CM songs, the whimsical medium-tempo number “Charger” and the airy ballad “Via Hokkaido,” are also on the album.

01. 小日子
02. 蟲之家
03. 七不思議
04. 我杯茶
05. 臨床
06. 無電才是災難
07. 天窗
08. 另眼相看
09. 近在咫尺
10. 深閨
11. 破了的米菲兔 (國)
12. 充電器 *
13. 途經北海道 **

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