Lady Gaga cancels new album plans to become a farmer

Exclusive: Lady Gaga cancels new album plans to become a farmer

These days, all of us are particularly careful about the food we eat. Organic gardening has become the order of the day — so much so that even Hollywood celebrities have started getting their hands dirty… literally!

Lady Gaga, who we thought was hard at work in the music studio, got her fiancé Taylor Kinney involved in building an irrigation system, organic vegetable patch, and chicken coop, at a small farm just two counties north of their Malibu home. According to the six-time Grammy winner, it will “help them grow as strong and emotionally sound individuals who aren’t caught up in the crazy, vain world pop stars and actors live in.”



After last year’s purchase of the small but quaint California farm, we finally caught up with Gaga for a talk on her new endeavors.

“I’ve been growing vegetables since I was 13,” Gaga told us exclusively. “I was a farmer then and I’m a farmer now, but this time with more than a small New York patio to work with! I love learning about the land and which feed is most suitable for which chicken, the drama of which chick will one day rule the roost… I enjoy cleaning the garden bed and walking the land. [It is] the antithesis of the pop music drive, the want, the need to get ahead. It’s a place you can slow down and let months go by without a thought to the outside world.”

When we asked if farming would impact her planned 2016 album release, she responded: “I’m on an entirely different schedule now. The Farmers Almanac, I had no idea how much it would influence me… my soul. It really teaches you that you can’t force Mother Nature… and my fans will have to learn they can’t force Mother Monster. All I can say is, the album is coming soon.”

Monsters, how excited are you about Gaga’s new career as a farmer? Sound off in the comments below!

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