Lady Gaga – I Want Your Love (Tom Ford Spring/Summer 16)


Paris Fashion Week is coming, but Tom Ford decided to forgo the usual catwalk antics and instead make a glossy music video with Lady Gaga. The designer called on Nick Knight to direct an updated, high-glam film to accompany a Lady Gaga reworked version of Chic’s 70s classic, I Want Your Love.

The designer, who is currently working on the follow-up to his Oscar-nominated film A Single Man, said he wanted to “try something new”, so staged a full show in LA and filmed all the fun. “Having a runway show has become so much about the creation of imagery for online and social media and watching a filmed fashion show can be like watching a filmed play [which is never very satisfying]. I wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from its inception to be presented online,” says Ford. As well as a bleach-hair and browed Gaga, there are turns from Lucky Blue Smith, Lexi Bolling, Aymeline Valade, Kayla Scott, Xaio Wen Ju and Valery Kaufman, all dancing like they’re in a Soul Train line-up.


Josh Gleyfano

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