Michael Wong – Crazy Memories / 光良 – Crazy Memories

Michael Wong – Crazy Memories / 光良 – Crazy Memories
Label: XY Music
Release Date: 2013-07-08
Language: Madarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Michael Wong takes a nostalgic look back with his new album Crazy Memories. The Malaysian singer-songwriter’s album continues his style of comforting ballads and love songs. The album features ten tracks including the single “For Myself,” the Chinese theme song for the Japanese film Nobody’s Perfect.

01. 回憶裡的瘋狂 / Crazy Memories
02. 給自己 / A Letter To Myself
03. 讓你飛 / Let You FLy
04. 戀愛 / This Is Love
05. 幸福來了 / Happiness Is Around (Feat. Maggie Chiang)
06. 給力 / Give You Strength
07. 年輪 / Growth Rings
08. 擁有 / To Hold
09. 愛無所不在 / Love Is All Around
10. 我們的故事 / Our Story

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