The Lo-Ruiter longboard creates the illusion of floating

DETAILS: Industrial designer Joey Ruiter has created the Lo-Ruiter, a redefined skateboard, “as close the icon hover-board without any ridiculous technology” says the designer. The goal was to design a simple mobile device to fill in-between traveling after a car, train or bus ride.

Ruiter explains, “It’s just as functional as it is sophisticated. It’s smooth, fast and easy to use. It has quick starts, you can break with your foot over the rear wheels and you can get some speed due to the longer wheelbase. The generous size of the top allows for multiple positions, walking front to back, riding switch, and since the wheels are enclosed, it’s hard to kick the wheels on accident while pushing.”


“It’s super easy to carry around and lean against a wall. So, if you’re first thought does it carve? Don’t worry, it doesn’t scrap the ground.”


“The cutout shapes are a result of the low deck and wheel clearance, the holes allow you to break when you put your foot over them, and the flat ends allow it to easily be stored upright. The lines, language and gestures add up to a sleek human powered product on wheels that has a personality of it’s own.”


“Since it has a traditional longboard ride its for a lot of riders in many landscapes. I envision a ‘suit’ riding it into the office. Someone who at heart is still a skater but is a bit more modern.”


The Lo-Ruiter longboard consists of a molded maple multi-ply and carbon fiber deck with Arbor MOSH wheels and Caliber II Legacy Blackout trucks.


SOURCE: Photos by Dean Van Dis.



Josh Gleyfano

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