Life On Earth Could End Soon

How do you think the world will finally end? Nuclear war? Global warming? Maybe not.


We updated you a few months ago about the discovery of Planet Nine, but now, researcher Daniel Whitmireformerly from the University of Louisiana thinks that there’s a good chance our planet could be destroyed by that exact planet, since it has a penchant for knocking asteroids toward Earth.

The worst part is that some people think it could happen by the end of this month.


Planet Nine is a celestial body that scientists speculate sits on the edge of our solar system beyond Neptune with a 20,000-year orbit around the sun.


While in orbit, Planet Nine passes through a large disc of asteroids called the Kuiper belt. Whitmire believes that it could send one of those asteroids hurtling toward the Earth. He says that Planet Nine may be responsible for the mass extinctions of life on Earth that mysteriously occur every 27 million years or so.

While the existence of Planet Nine is still contested in some circles, researchers from Caltech did find anomalies in the outer part of the solar system. This discovery suggests that a planet 10 times the size of Earth is hanging around out there.

While the only people who are really buying into the idea that we could all be wiped out before April’s over are conspiracy theorists, I think it’s safe to say that we should probably be worried.

Josh Gleyfano

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