Yico Ceng – Flying Thief / 曾軼可 – 會飛的賊

Yico Ceng – Flying Thief / 曾軼可 – 會飛的賊
Label: Liao Zhu Guang Bo Dian Shi Yin Xiang Chu Ban She
Release Date: 2013-06-07
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: China

Yico Zeng’s third album Flying Thief collects ten refreshing songs written and composed by the talented young singer. Growing up gracefully in the limelight, Yico sings about hopes and expectations for love in the first plug “A Night of Possibilities.” Her light and whimsical 2012 single “Absurd Sheep” is also included on the album.

01. 荒唐的羊 / Absurd Sheep
02. 我們不是只有現在嗎 / We Are Not Only The Right Now
03. 會飛的賊 / Flying Thief
04. 戀曲2012 / Love Song 2012
05. 女人的秘密 / Woman’s Secret
06. 辣糖 / Spicy Sugar
07. 有可能的夜晚 / Possible Night
08. 你幸福我幸福 / You Happy I Happy
09. 騎摩托的人 / The Biker
10. 夜晚屋頂的會飛的賊 / A Flying Thief On The Roof At Night

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